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Wayne Rooney

remier League and Champions League and FA Cup, and Rooney began his career with England in 2003, when participated in the European Cup 2004, has even a smaller number on the tournament's top scorer, and also participated in the 2006 World Cup.

Beginning of his life :: ::

Born Rooney on October 24, 1985 in the city of Kroxteit located in the city of Liverpool, England, and is Ronnie boy first for each of the parents, "Thomas Wayne and Jeanette Marie Rooney," and it was Rooney at the School of De La Sala with his two brothers young Grammy and John, and the school was cut in the same area in which they live with the Rooney family, and began his career after that Rooney as a footballer with Everton team of the local youth, and it was Rooney is "Duncan Ferguson" in his childhood hero.
Beginning of the march :: career with Everton!
Rooney began his career at the age of ten with Everton in the youth team, and after scoring in the FA Cup, raising the t-wrote the "First Blue, Always Blue," and this label showing sincerity and love Rooney for his team Everton, who was beloved, and since the was in the team under the 17 signed professionally with the team, and he gets every week for 80 pounds sterling per week with his family, and on 19 October 2002 and before becoming Rooney in the 17 age-five days participated in the meeting is important for the team in front of Arsenal, and managed to register in the goal and lead his team to win, to break the team number Arsenal this time no loss for a period of thirty meeting, and after that goal Rooney has been the youngest player on the Premier League record champions, and this title, which had both James Milner and James Fagan in the past, and after the end of season 2002/2003 honored by the BBC as the best young player tournament, and at the end of season 2003/2004 Rooney said that he wants to participate in the European Championships large, where his team finished the season which was preceded by the seventh place, and could not participate in the Fed Cup, while in the season to the next team finished league center of the 17th, away from the first rank, and in August of 2004 pointed out, the agent of the player that Rooney's rejection of a contract to manage his team runs for three years and pay an estimated £ 12,000 a week, making then compete for both Manchester United and Newcastle contract with the player, and noted the newspaper "The Times" that Newcastle was very close to signing with the player width is estimated to 18.5 million pounds sterling, and this was confirmed by the agent of the player, but the management of Manchester United entered the conflict and managed to sign the player end of the month display presented by 25.6 million pounds sterling, having reached management Germans to an agreement with the Department of Everton, and is the deal the largest transaction occurs the player is smaller than 20 years, since Rooney was in the age of 18 when he left Everton.
Launches real :: Manchester United ::
Participated Rooney in the first encounter with Manchester United on September 28, 2004, in an interview in front of Club Frnboukcherh in the Champions League, and the match ended in victory Germans to 6-2, and managed to Rooney during the game score three goals and one goal industry, and that In the first formal meeting with him in red, and in the same month and at the same tournament Champions League match against Villarreal Rooney was sent off in the meeting after the attack on the judgment and beat him, and after the referee awarded a free kick against Rooney, to the government to expel Rooney meeting, and mentioned that the meeting ended with a goalless draw, and won Rooney his first title with Manchester United in 2006, and the tournament is the FA Cup, and in the final of the championship team faced club Wigan Athletic, and managed to Germans to win the match by four goals to none , and after the match, won the Rooney Prize the best player the game, but in the Championship Premier League team is Ronnie could not win the championship and after that lost to Chelsea by three goals to none, this season, and finished the season ranked second, and during his first season participated Rooney in 43 meeting record through them 17 goals in all competitions, and starring in Amsterdam friendly in 2006, Rooney was sent off in a match against FC Porto, and after beating a defender Porto this time Baby Bmasmh, and decided after that union England off the player for three games, and it is clarified judgment Rhode Posen on page 23 of the report of the match, and the student then Rooney of the FA removal of suspension, especially that the incident was starring in a friendly, but the Union could not do anything.
Despite :: roughness and nervous .. Rooney submit offers and that the distinctive achievements!
And in the mid-season 2006/2007 Rooney Justice not to register its number ten consecutive games with three goals scored against Bolton, and then renewed his contract with Manchester United, even signed a contract linking him with the team to 2012 at the end of the month of April, as well as Rooney scored two Bmmermy Rome to go and return in the Champions League, as a result of the two games the final was "8-3" of Man, and the role that followed scored two goals to AC Milan in the same tournament in the first leg, but in the second leg the team lost to AC Milan three goals, to come out Manchester United from the tournament, but after scoring two goals in front of Milan, just Rooney teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, the number of goals in all competitions this time, before it is preceded by Cristiano later, and achieved Rooney this season, "2006/2007" the first League title English him in his career with Ullman, and won the championship after the Charity Shield.
! Rooney and number 10 .. Achieve a lot with the Red Devils!
And before the start of season 2007/2008, and specifically after the end of the season the previous administration announced that Manchester United, that the English star Wayne Rooney got the No. 10 team, and after that the figure of the star Van Nistelrooy, who left the team before the year of the time, and was presented Rooney this number to inform the presence of a star Germans former is Dennis Lau, where Dennis is a Osatr Germans, participated with the team since Altsenat to Sbaat, and to provide Rooney with his own was in the 28 of June 2008, where it is stated that it was wearing No. 8 above, and on 12 October 2008, he was Rooney an injury to his right foot, and this was the same injury suffered in 2004, and made him the injury out of action for six weeks, until he returned to meet with the team in front of Rome in Champions League in the group stage on October 2, and managed Rooney scored one in the meeting led the Germans to win the match 1-0, and after a full month of his return from his previous exposure Rooney other injury in the ankle in November during training, and was absent for two weeks, and then returned to Fulham on December 3, where he won the Germans by three goals to none, and participated Rooney for 70 minutes, and the number of matches Gabha Rooney throughout the season, an estimated ten games, and finished the season 2007/2008 registered 18 goals, and during that season, Rooney was able to achieve with his team's English Premier League title, as well as the Champions League after his team beat Chelsea in the final, and in the last season 2008/2009, and specifically on 6 October and in to meet the team in front of Blackburn, Rooney has been the youngest player in the history of the Premier League take part with 200 meeting, and during a meeting with the team in front of Wigan, who ended up losing Germans aim for nothing, he was Rooney injury during the match and entered instead of the Argentine Carlos Tevez, who has been injured also in the game, but he took part for the end of the season, and because of that injury Rooney missed some important meetings in the FA Cup and Charity Shield and four meetings league, and during that season won Rooney his third consecutive title of English Premier League, and in the same season, arrived in his team to League final Champions League and for the second time in a row, but the team lost in the final against Barcelona, ​​and let the tournament is sad, as the team that he has achieved with the World Cup for clubs and Rooney won the championship title of best player out.
With Rooney :: England ::
Rooney became the youngest player in the history of England playing in the team, where he participated in his first meeting against the Socceroos in a friendly held at the February 12, 2003, and it was Rooney in the 17 years of age, and of the same age became the youngest player to score for England, but star of Arsenal Theo Walcott break that figure in June 2006, and is the difference between the two figures 36 days in terms of age, became a preference to Walcott, and the first official tournament was attended by with England was the European Championship 2004, which became the youngest scorer on the championship in June 17, 2004, and after scoring two goals on the Swiss team, and lost Ronnie that figure by Johann Vanlantin after four days, and was Rooney's injury during a meeting with the team in front of the Portuguese national team, and left the team after the tournament on penalties, and Rooney took part in the World Cup 2006, and was initially suffering from a foot injury suffered by her in the same year in the month of April, until then Use some Aloxeginh medical materials, so that he can participate in the tournament, and Rooney took part in the tournament before the first Turnando Tobago and in front of Sweden, too, but did not show a good level and made famous by the Germans, and his team lost again from the championship of Portugal, where it is stated that in the meeting and let the England team tournament of the Portuguese national team, Rooney was sent off this minute from 62 and that after the intervention of the defender Ricardo Carvalho, and quarreled with his colleague in the team "club" and his opponent on the pitch Cristiano Ronaldo, and expelled by the referee Hurakio Elizondo, and Rooney had fined by the Union after the incident.
His personal life :: ::
Ronnie met his wife Colleen Rooney in the first time Monday through the presence in the last year in school, and were married in June 12, 2008, after that I started dating six years ago, as he put a tattoo inscribed "Just Enough Education To Perform", and one of these words his band favorite "Stereophonics", and has hired Ronnie and his band during the ceremony of marriage, in April of 2006 Ronnie Karam 100,000 pounds sterling by the newspaper "The Sun" and "News Of The World" and has donated to charity, and built Rooney shortened to 4.25 million pounds sterling in the village of "Prestbury", and was built by the company "Down out of the question," and is the wife of star of Sheffield, the former Ashley Ward, also has some shares in the company "Port Charlotte", and mentions that the Rooney dog of the type of Mastiff French bought it is 1,250 pounds, and Ronnie has contracts with each of the following companies: Nike and Ford and Nokia, Asda and Coca-Cola, and has a contract from 2005 to 2008 to VIVA electronic gaming British, and on 9 March 2006 Rooney signed the largest sports book in publishing history with Harper Collins, who got through to 5 million and may get more in the coming years, and now awaits Rooney was born first, which is expected to be born in the month of October next, as indicated by tests was his wife.
Achievements and titles :: Rooney ::
With the club - Manchester United:
- English Premier League: 2006/2007 - 2007/2008 - 2008/2009- Professional League Cup: 2005/2006 - 2008/2009- English Charity Shield: 2007- UEFA Champions League: 2007/2008- Club World Cup: 2008- Carling Cap: 2009/2010
- The best young player according to the BBC network in the year: 2002- The perfect combination in the European Cup: 2004- The best young player of the year by the organization FifPro: 2004/2005- The ideal squad in the Premier League: 2005/2006- The best player of "Sir Matt Busby:" 2005/2006- The best young player in the Premier League: 2004/2005 - 2005/2006- The best player in the Premier League by the masses: 2005/2006- The best player in the Premier League by month: February 2005 - December 2005 - March 2006 - November 2007- The Golden Ball in the World Cup for clubs: 2008


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