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Booker T

Country United States

Date of Birth March 1, 1965

Length 6.3 feet

     World Championship Heavyweight, WCW Championship for teams, World Cup, Championship Hard Core

Booker T "Booker T" with a history of brilliant in the Championship Wrestling "WWE"; is a world champion six times and won the "King of the Ring" in 2006, as well as many championships he won


Income of Booker T, who grew up in the state of Houston to the world of wrestling WWE in 2001, is best known Bmassarath of many top stars Wrestling Federation American; like John Cena and Triple H and Randy Ortin and Batista and Rey Mysterio and Rick Vles and Mark Henry and others.

Among the months, memorable moments in the history of Booker T in the Championship "WWE" his participation in the team, "Stone Cold".

He returned the star brown Booker T to WWE again in 2011; to participate in the most famous tournaments WWE, the "Royal Rumble" Royal Rumble, and then co-anchor in the presentation of "SmackDown" SmackDown as the first broadcaster brown, served as a coach for the wrestling, and participated in the program and a realistic for wrestling, a "WWE Tough Enough


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