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Tom Cleverley

Born in the city of Kleverly Bhiseng for Stoke but fables Sraan turned to the city of Bradford to grow up there and in the beginning to the young men joined the same city and spent one yearThere to escape the attention of Manchester United to join Manchester United in a 15-year-old in July of 2005 to join a convoy to the Academy .. In the 2005 season-2006 Played 9 games with the team U-18 and after the piece has become a one-year fixture in the youth team is in the age of 17.

The first match of the reserve team on February 15 of 2007 against Bolton, which ended with a score of 0-0.But suffered a serious injury kept him sidelined for seven months to recover after the piece back in the match and the match in the reserveAgainst Liverpool in October of the same year, which ended 1-1.
In denying the same season after his return from injury Kleverly became a fixture in the reserve team and played 21 match for the teamAnd won the championship with the team championship in Manchester Lancashire won by the team also scored a great goal against Liverpool wins award forThe best player in the final.
And after the development of its level became commander of the reserve team and one of the most important players ... At the end of the season, claimed the prize for the best Aaron DenzelPlayer in the reserve team, and after he became one of the main players combined to walk the reserve for the first time for the team and who had been away on a tour of
Africa on 24 July 2008, and on 16 January 2009 was seconded to the team Kleverly Sister for six months ..To play No. 7 jerseys and start with the team three days after the piece and recorded in the only match won by Leicester to a 2-0 team playing with 15 match play11 of them, recording two goals a key catalyst for the rise of Leicester to the First Division League one, and after the piece has to return to United and trainingUnder the leadership of legendary initial Soljir Guner, and after the piece in July of 2009 made Watford an offer to buy a young man I was to manage Manchester UnitedHowever, I think refused to accepted the offer of loan for one season to go to Watford ..
In Watford 33 Kleverly match play and scored 11 goals which was the main engine in the midfield at the end of the season the team won the award KleverlyThe best player in the team a high proportion of the vote, and then was returned to United to be a traveler on the list to tour North America.And play replacement for Ryan Giggs in the first team Match against Celtic in Toronto and scored the third goal in the game which ended 3-1.After the piece played in a game that stars the American League scored a great goal after manipulation guns Panel and Jan CondeOf a long pass from Darren Fletcher.***After the return has loaned to Wigan Athletic for six months but was extended loan until the end of last season.
Tom Cleverley in the struggle for the ball with Chelsea playersIn Wigan Kleverly wear the number 15He played the first Mbayate on 27 November against Sunderland alternative to Mario Boselli moments after entering the target of a pass to Antonio Alcaraz Alentjah and become the equivalent of 1-1And scored his first goal for Wigan and the first goal in the League against the premiere Asthe game in which Wigan lost 3-1.The week after the piece scored a goal in an impressive Stoke City in the match which ended 2-2.In the other match scored the winning goal on the Wolves away from home to help Wigan out of the relegation zone.And then became a coach and Wigan Martinez reliable in the team so much student traffic Baaarth him for another six months ..He played with Wigan 25 match, scoring 4 goals to be among the players who are as a team to At lack of land for the Premier League ..
His career with the teamKleverly summoned for the first match with his international team for the England U-20 to but fables could not play with the teamBecause of an injury sustained with a Leicester a week before the match the team.In the 11 of August Kleverly play first game with his youth team against team Almentnegre In that game failed to registerStrike a penalty for England but fables of the piece rather than a failure by scoring two goals in the second half ...At the European Championships for under 21 years old in 2011 playing Kleverly two games out of three I came out of England the first round.***In some games with UnitedKleverly play the match in a friendly against Valencia at Old Trafford and scored his first goal with the first teamBeen summoned for the first team in cup matches against both Middlesbrough and Queens Park Rangers ...To have for a player only in the latter as an alternative ..***Collective achievementsWin with Leicester City championship second division ..Personal achievementsBest player in the Watford ..Award for best player in the reserve of the United


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