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Frank Lampard

From the capital of the fog .. The back of the ball in the sky satellite global spread of light within the green rectangle .. Frank Lampard Jr. .. , Was born to the town of Romford is a large town east of London, the son of Frank Lampard Sr. player England international and former winner twice by the FA Cup with West Ham, the family of Frankie Jr. relating to the family of other sports are Redknapps and here
shows that Frankie player graduate from a family of spherical 100% and represented by his father and his uncle Redknapp and others .. Frankie joined West Ham's Academy when his father was assistant coach in that time 94, a year later signed a contract with the team.
In October 1995, seconded by Frankie and the West Ham team Swansea City and is a team second-class English by that time .. Participated in 9 league games and scored two of the cup through them one goal, before returning to West Ham in January 1997 .. , After his return to West Ham injured Frankie against Aston Villa to miss the season in 97, but returned season 97/98 and scored the first goal for West Ham against Barnsley .. , Season 98/99 has become a key team Lampard and West Ham to begin his creations in front of Panther fans who follow and Albraimarchib .. During the season 2000/2001 Frankie's father decided to leave West Ham .. Followed him his uncle Harry Redknapp .. Then decided that Frankie is the one that goes ... Frankie has received offers from Leeds and Aston Villa but in the end preferred to join Chelsea, he joined Chelsea in mid-May of 2001 where he signed with Chelsea boss, former Italian Claudio Ranieri deal reached 11 million pounds, to begin a new journey with the English boy is amazing .. At the beginning of his career with Chelsea does not appear as Frankie star team because of the presence giants of the likes of Gianfranco Zola's team ..
The first match for Lampard for Chelsea was against the team Leyton through July 26, 2001, and scored Frankie first goal with the Blues during a match against Northampton Town in a match which was held by August 1, 2001 and win over Chelsea 7/1, his first Balbraimarchib came to Newcastle by August 19, 2001, which ended in a draw 1/1, during the first seasons scored 7 goals in all competitions and participated in all matches except for Tottenham match .. , And during the season 2002/2003 participated Lampard during all matches and scored 8 goals in all competitions, and solve for the fourth Chelsea have the opportunity to share Lampard for the first time in the Champions League ..
In season 2003/2004 participated Lampard and reached the Champions League with Chelsea to the semi-finals where he scored 4 goals out of 14 European games .. And has contributed significantly to achieving clear and the team for my title the English Premier League seasons 2004/2005 and 2005/2006, scoring 29 goals .. And a large proportion are for midfielder .. , And this may then ignored Frank celebrated the 100-goal season with Chelsea during the 2007/2008 .. Frank continues to innovate and entertain and is creative goals to register .. It remains to mention that Frankie player has Baltsudaidat missile long-range as well as free kicks, a distributor wonderful to play and one of the best players in the world center midfield and has renewed his contract with the club's blue until 2013 what it means to Chelsea for him and his family ..

Titles with Chelsea

- The European Cup UEFA Intertoto with Chelsea (1999)
- Asian Premier League with Chelsea (2003)
- Community Shield with Chelsea (2005)
- League Cup twice with Chelsea Cap (2005.2007)
- English Premier League with Chelsea twice (2004/2005, 2005/2006)
- FA Cup with Chelsea (2007)

Personal titles

- Top scorer of midfielders Chelsea and DVDs
- Record holder to play consecutive games Balbraimarchib match by 164 during the period from October 13, 2001 to November 26, 2005
- The second best player in the world in 2005
- The second best player in Europe in 2005
- Award Altkad and journalists for the best English player in 2005


- His Golden registry number of successive matches by 164 Balbraimarchib match


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