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Theo Walcott

Walcott was born of the father of Jamaican nationality and mother English, and has appeared his family in the movie Harry Potter and the famous in 2007 "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and Walcott himself was supposed to appear as well, but because of his club Arsenal was forced to not to appear, Walcott and his father are among two two two fans of Liverpool Football Club, and Theo did not hide that fact at all, even when faced with red team with Chelsea, took advantage of that opportunity to meet with stars a question, and said Walcott: "I have been playing in a tournament in Swindon when they showed club
Sawthabmton and Chelsea interest in me, Chelsea invited me because I am a player in a meeting against Liverpool and it was amazing to meet my heroes such as Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler, I was a fan Evrbula because my father was encouraging them, and unfortunately I was born when team won the last championship for him and during his gold, but I enjoyed watching heroes such as Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman when I was growing up, and when Liverpool won the Champions League, became insane and I was screaming loudly and I think I woke up every in the village that you live in. ", and has participated Walcott in the Assembly of a British charity to build a school and is therefore one of the best beginnings, and on 7 April 2008 Download Walcott Olympic torch in the Championship Olpied Beijing 2008, and has been the representative of the civil London, and have been selected after Kelly Holmes, and is now in a long relationship with Melanie Slade, where the two met a few in 2006 in one of the malls in the city of Sawthabmton, and his cousin is Jacob Walcott trains currently in Reading, and is a player in the England Under-17 years, and has participated in the Cup of Europe urges 17-year-2009.
● ₪ ▐ start Walcott ▐ ₪ ●
Born Walcott in the city of Stanmor in Greater London in England, but grew up in the village of small-called Compton is located next to Newbury, where he played for the team AFC Newbury, and had gone Walcott to a school a Downs, and has recorded Walcott more than a hundred goals in one season with the team Newbury, and then he left the village and lived in the village of Swindon and played for the local team Southampton, and mentions that the famous Nike signed a contract with Walcott when he was fourteen years of age only.
● ₪ ▐ Walcott with Southampton ▐ ₪ ●
In the 2004-2005 season began Walcott with Southampton's young people and arrived next to the Cup final Aizra for young people, and experienced team club Ipswich Town, and in fact was Walcott youngest person to play in the Southampton reserve team, where he was in the age of 15 and 175 days when income from the bench in front of the club and Watford in September 2004, but did not play in the Premier League as Southampton relegated from the Championship, and before the start of the 2005-2006 season Walcott was chosen within the core group on the trip to Scotland, and that was after two weeks after that he finished school, and later became Walcott youngest player to play in the history of Southampton primary, where he was in the age of 16 and 143 days, and after that the income of a substitute in the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Anders champion title this time, and the match ended in a goalless draw , and participated Walcott in the first meeting full to him before the club Leeds United on October 18, 2005 outside the stadium the team and a record of which the first goal, and also record Walcott in front of club Millwall after the game the previous four days and were not match stadium the team, and then play his first meeting the entire stadium team and was in front of Stoke City, and after levels of deals made by Walcott was named among the top three in the award BBC for the best young player in the December 11, 2005, and before it is Walcott in the squad the primary offered to have a game in 2005, which gave an impressive performance to bring the attention of the media and have indicated that they are one of the best talent English at the time, and may Arbbt this time move to the Premier League is excellent, and has been linked to shift numerous clubs strong, such as Arsenal and Chelsea and Liverpool and Manchester United and Tottenham, and in 2008 and in September a clearer definition of Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger after the signing of the player with the years that Walcott was wanted by Tottenham and Chelsea to Liverpool.
● ₪ ▐ Walcott with Arsenal and the beginning of fame ▐ ₪ ●
After the surprise selection of Walcott in the squad for England in the 2006 World Cup, co Walcott in his first meeting in the Premier League on 19 August in the first day of the 2006-2007 season, where he entered Qaibdila in the match against Aston Villa and it was made after the target Brazilian Gilberto Silva, and his first meeting in the Champions League was in the playoffs against Dinamo Zagreb, where he became after that Walcott youngest player in the history of Arsenal play in European Championship, and this figure was the star of Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas, and after entering in the meeting and minutes received the first yellow card for his colors Arsenal and after the ball after the referee referee blow infiltration, and during the game managed to Walcott pass defenders Dynamo and industry goal for the French Mathieu Flamini, to have that goal second goal made by Walcott after entering as a substitute, and the first meeting attended since the beginning, in the court of the team in front of the club and Watford in the October 14, 2006, and provided a good level, and then won Walcott won the best young player in the year "2006" by the BBC, the first goal for Walcott was in the final Carling Cup Cap 2007 before Chelsea in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on February 25, 2007, but Arsenal lost after the meeting that Didier Drogba scored two goals for his team to end the game 2-1, scored his first goal in the stadium the team was in the Champions League in front of Club Slavia Prague where he won the match 7-0 Arsenal, also making it a target for Cesc Fabregas in the game, and his first two goals in the Premier League championship in front of the Bringham meeting ended in a draw 2-2 in the February 23, 2008, and ended the season 2007-2008 scoring seven goals in all competitions.
● ₪ ▐ Walcott in the most important season ▐ ₪ ●
And in the next season after the departure of former team star Thierry Henry, the English won the young Walcott on the former Henry No. 14 in the 2008-2009 season, and during this season, Walcott has proved himself in the squad primary, where he participated in many games Kosasa and K. winger or center, and in October 18, 2008 Record Walcott his first goal in the Premier League this season against Everton, and was the third goal and the last team in the game, where the match ended in victory for Arsenal, 3-1, and after that game in three days record Walcott the second goal for Arsenal in a meeting the team in front of Fenrboukcherh in meeting ended with the victory of his team to 5-2, and on November 18, 2008 was Walcott to injury to the rib right in training for England to meet with the team against Germany, and then announced coach Arsene Wenger that Walcott will miss about the team for three months as less time, and later returned from injury in April of 2009, and scored in the return match at Wigan, and then took part in front of Villarreal in the Champions League where he scored a goal in the first ten minutes after a pass from captain Cesc Fabregas and his team won the match by four goals to one goal, and in the meeting, which followed in the semi-finals of the FA Cup and the team faced Chelsea, and scored Walcott goal for his team to be the team ahead in the match but then lost the match with two goals to one goal, and three days later and the team faced Liverpool and income and niches as a substitute and helped the Russian Andrei Arshavin up in a minute the 91 to be the team ahead of Liverpool in order, but then Liverpool scored a draw and the meeting ended with a draw 4-4, and after that meeting took place Walcott contract with the new Arsenal extends for four years.
● ₪ ▐ Walcott with England ▐ ₪ ●
Name and Walcott in the squad coach Sven-Goran Eriksson participation of England in the 2006 World Cup a big surprise after it was announced on 8 May 2006, although the attackers were both a team's Kano state physically large and have recovered from injury and who are Wayne Rooney and Michael Rooney, But Walcott was chosen in the squad with them, and Erickson bounty on the other strikers such as Darren Bent (top scorer in the Premier League in season 2005-2006) and Andre Johnson (top scorer in the Premier League in season 2004-2005) and Dean Ashton and Jarmaan Divuo, and has participated Walcott substitute in the second half of May 25th, 2006 at a meeting of England b in front of Belarus, and in the May 30, 2006 became the youngest player in the history of England in meeting the team in front of Hungary which was held at Old Trafford, where he was Walcott in 17 years and 75 days, and beat England in the match with three goals to a goal, and during the World Cup and although that Walcott was the lone striker, who was in good health, but it did not play in any meeting in the tournament, and has defended the coach Erickson of his decision to summon noting that the player earn experience through this experience and it is his testimony, although he did not play in any meeting and the decision was wrong Broi other, and some had seen that he wants to do something new this way and many at the time to talk about this point, but Walcott has not played any minutes during the tournament, despite Astaadaeh her.
After the end of the World Cup, coach Eriksson left his post as coach of the England and was appointed then coach Steve Mac Clarin, and may put Walcott in England for under-21 indicating that he will choose the players squad with difficulty, and in August 15, 2006 Walcott became the youngest player to score for England Under-21 years old when he scored in the first three minutes in the match against Moldova in the meeting ended in a 2-2 draw was held in the village of Ipswich at Portman Road, and was the game the first game for Walcott with England under-21, and then log Walcott scored twice in front of the German national team to qualify for England under-21 to the European Cup, and on 6 of September 2008 took part Walcott for the first over the World Cup qualifiers against Andorra and then attended to the Croatian team in the 10 of September to recorded a meeting three goals for his team and to achieve a new record, to be the youngest player in the history of England to score three goals of the "trick" with England.
● ₪ ▐ achievements Walcott ▐ ₪ ●
With the club - Southampton:
- FA Cup for youth: 2005
With the club - Arsenal:
- Amsterdam Cup tournament: 2008
On a personal level:
- Personal best young player of the BBC sports in 2006:


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