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evan bourne

evan Bourne
Country United States

Date of Birth March 19, 1983

Length 5.9 feet

     WWE Championship for teams

Evan Bourne is characterized by its ability to fly high and implementation of aircraft movements in the ring, glittering in the pace big play; what made him a force to be reckoned with in the Union "WWE".

Antapt "Evan Bourne" a strong desire to enter the world of wrestling, and attracts the public to view it, as he enjoyed watching "Bret Hart", and "Dean Malenko," and "Ray Mestreo," and "Eddie Jariro."

Began training to be a professional boxer when he was seven years old. He was the first man under the age of 18 receive a license to practice wrestling in the state, "Missouri."

While continuing to learn new fighting styles, he entered the "Bourne" University and earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of "Missouri - Columbia," and became vice president of sales and marketing in the state, "Missouri." During his company allowed him to travel and mobility for wrestling.

Born and joined to the World Wrestling Federation roams through it most of the world. During this time became very proficient in wrestling, and received titles; In 2006 he was named a "wrestler-General", and in 2007 he received the title of "the best move of the year."


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