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Mark Henry

Country United States

Date of Birth June 12, 1971

Length 6.4 feet

     World Championship heavyweight champion ECW, champion of Europe

Was able to break the record, so do not wonder to call it "the most powerful man in the world", he began to enter "Henry" in the world of fame in 1992 at the Olympic Games in the "Barcelona"; where

he participated in weight lifting class high.

After 3 years, enabling Henry to get the gold medal, silver and bronze; to entrench its position large as the most powerful man on the planet, also participated in the races powers, in addition to his participation in the competition of the most powerful man in the world, and got through the first prize.

Began his career in wrestling in 1996; where the blast ignited immediately in the ring of square and has to face a discount after the other; to make over the years, the status of a center of top stars such as: "Shawn Michaels" and "John Cena" and "Undertaker" and "Cayenne , "and" Big Show ".

According to the magazine "Flex" to "Mark Henry" uses his power to destroy any wrestler stand in his way, and despite the injuries suffered by the "Mark Henry" Throughout the past years it stays on top as the most powerful wrestler, and shows for all his willingness to break down any person standing in front of him.


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