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Big Show

Country United States
Date of Birth February 8, 1972
Length 7 ftAwards

Championship ECW, starring WWE, World Championship teams, Hardcore Championship, the hero of the United States, the world championship heavyweight.
After more than a year away from the ring, he returned Big Show once again, after a long absence from the arena of "WWE" to appear again in 2008, after the last watch him starring in "ECW",

and the period of absence was more than 14 months, he returned "Big Show" strongly to the yard, wanting to inflict more carnage than ever before.
And returned the Big Show memories wrestler "Andre the Giant"; where he was a scale, soon, Fiqiasat Big Show is almost 441 pounds, and a length of 7 feet, and measure the shoe is too big, and the size of the chest 64 inches, and despite this, the size was not the cause of his fame only, Fbaj Shaw gave a wonderful display for the first time in the Union "WCW", which left a huge impression and a giant.
The strong debut and won several titles a huge impact on the senior wrestlers; such as "Hulk Hogan" and "Rick Flair"; care where "Big Show" by focusing on them.
In 1999, he became "Big Show" star wrestling joining the Union of Wrestling "WWE"; where he continued to attack wrestlers won championships and titles of many was, including the Championship "WWE", and a transition from his hostility with "Stone Cold Steve Austin - Steve Austin" to "The Rock" , and then "Triple H" and "Undertaker", and those who worked hard on the hands of "Big Show"; who gave a history of carrying a big fight in World Wrestling Entertainment.


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