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Andreas Kopke

Andreas KöpkeKoepke was born 12.03.1962 in Kiel, the former Germany goalkeeper ... where presence in the national team in the tournament winner Alamlana

1990 World Cup and also the presence in the ranks of the German team in the 1994 World Cup. But it did not exist at the center guard for the presence of goalkeeper Bodo Aigner.But the sun shone Koepke later ...Koepke has been selected as the best player in Germany in 93 ... But the achievements of the summit Koepke is to win the Cup of Nations in Europe in 1996 where he played a major roleIn the match between Germany and Alangaza where Tsdry to penalty kicks to secure qualification to the final, the Germans ...Koepke was chosen as the best goalkeeper in the tournament in the same year ...Koepke was also preferred by the goalkeeper coach at World Cup '98 ... which ended with three lossy team in front of his Croatian counterpart in the quarter-finals.After which he decided to end his retirement and Alkroppe ... after hitting a match with 59 team Germans.The sun shining in the sky of a new guard and the team in Germany Oliver Kahn.Koepke started his career with the team Kiel (Holistn agent) in 79. And ended his career with the team in Nuremberg in 2000-2001. Koepke and I've been playing during this period to Antrlcht Club FrankfurtAnd also played for Olympique Marseille on loan.Koepke in the end was one of the people who worked in the German team and prepared in 2006.Achievements* Euro 1996* 1990 World Cup* German League Championship Second DivisionIndividual titles* The best guard in a United Europe 96* The best player in Germany 93* The best player in the statistics in 96 first place


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