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brouds clay

brouds clay

Country United States

Date of Birth February 21, 1980

Length 6.7 feet

brouds clay Young wrestler, but it is long and bulky, and in each of his meetings was Etemz length difference for opponents thanks to a length of 6.7 feet, which, along with the great weight (375 pounds).

Clay Rhodes and holds the title of "Vankasoros", and has many skills, including speed and agility is incredible, especially with the heavy weight.

Clay Championship back in the "RAW" recently, during the beginning of 2012, and was a surprise entry into the arena for the majority of the public; where he entered a dancing oddly next to him and two of the dancers brunettes.

Clay has the ability to control the ring, which appeared in the first Mbarayate starring in "RAW".

Vankasoros co-starring in "WWE NXT" in season IV, and had a strong presence in the tournament, and was Vankasoros supported by Gladiator Mexican Alberto Del Rio, and signed a formal contract to join the Championship "WWE", through the General Manager of Championship SmackDown Teddy Long.


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