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Mario Gomez

Name: Mario Gomez Garcia
Date of Birth: 07/10/1985
Place of Birth: Reddlengen - Germany
Nationality: German / Spanish
Length: 189 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Position: Striker explicit
Official Website:

Beginning of the Gomez
Gomez's first game with his club Stuttgart was against Chelsea in 2004 .. Gomez and came down as a substitute in the last 10 minutes of the game
As for his first game with his club in the Bundesliga was against Hamburg in the history of May 8 .. Stuttgart and lost by two goals against the goal and Gomez did not score in this meeting!!

In season 2005 - 2006 join the first team Gomez (Stuttgart) and become involved on a permanent basis .. He played 30 games and scoring 6 goals
Gomez's first goal with Stuttgart was against Mainz and Stuttgart won by two goals against the goal and scored the second goal and Gomez in the critical 88 minutes

Beginning the truth of the star with the German club
Season 2006 - 2007 .. The launch of the player actually gave Gomez amazing levels and scored 13 goals in the league
And 2 goals in the domestic cup .. And achieved Stuttgart in the Bundesliga title this year for the fifth time in its history!
And Gomez won the award for best player in the Bundesliga ..!

2007 - 2008 season .. The development of Gomez and gave amazing levels better than the previous season .. And scored 19 goals in the league and was top scorer in the domestic cup tournament with 6 goals .. And 3 goals in the Champions League
The 2008-2009 season .. The best season for Gomez .. Where he scored 23 goals in the league and 3 cup goals in the local

His move to Bayern Munich
After his performance of the player with the club .. Offers came for the player of the biggest clubs of Europe
But with the end of the season 2008 - 2009 .. Jump to Bayern player in the deal is the largest in the history of the Bundesliga (30 million euros)
And did not provide the desired level player .. But he maintained a good rate of goals .. And scored 14 goals in all competitions
The player faced a barrage of criticism because of bad form in the first season with Bayern Munich .. Level and did not provide convincing
No one knows why. Is the player faced pressure because of the amount paid in? .. Or that he had lost confidence in himself?
But Gomez remains a serious player and sniper .. And is able to return again .. And is able to provide better levels than the levels presented with Awt!!

With the team
After the levels provided by the distinctive with Stuttgart .. Gomez joined the German team
And was the first player's Mbarao international against Switzerland and the team won by 3 goals to 1 and Objective 2 log Gomez
And scored two goals in the Thi international matches in the qualifiers for Euro 2008 against San Marino
And impressed coach Loew levels distinctive goals and recorded by the player .. One of the 23 players who traveled to Austria and Switzerland to participate in European Championship
Loew puzzled! .. He has 3 distinct attackers and does not want to put someone on the bench
P decided to put my son left wing .. And Klose and Gomez up front .. He was the scapegoat is Bastian Chweinchaigr!
Gomez did not provide a convincing level in the first game .. and not convinced of the tournament
And missed an easy chance in the first minute match against Austria .. F. Loew has decided to re-Bastian to the starting line at the expense of Gomez in the quarter-final against Portugal
Bastian and scored the first goal for Germany .. Gomez did not participate in the quarter final and semi-final against Turkey
In the final against Spain .. Gomez came down as a substitute for Klose with the beginning of the second half .. But he did not succeed in the registry
And Germany lost to Spain the meeting and lost the European title ..!

Gomez and participated in some of the qualifying matches for the World Cup .. Did not score!

Another disappointment for the team and for Gomez!
Spanish players celebrate their victory over Germany's Mario Gomez walks past after every game in the 2010 World Cup soccer semi-final at the Moses Mabhida stadiu
After a bad season for his club Bayern Munich Gomez .. Gomez completed a series of hit bad this season!!
In the World Cup had not been recorded nor Gomez goal .. Loew and preferred to rely upon as a substitute in some games
But he could not work anything.
Achievements with the club:
Bundesliga twice (2006-2007 and 2009-2010)
German Cup once (2009 - 2010)
Accomplishments with the team:
Second place in the UEFA Cup (2008)
Third place in the World Cup (2010)
Individual achievements:
Player of the season in Germany (2007)
The most expensive deal in the history of the Bundesliga (30 million euros)
Statistics for Gomez (with clubs)

Until the date of 10.02.2010
In the Bundesliga:
Play 150 games .. 73 goal record
Cup in Germany:
Played 18 games .. Scored 14 goals
Champions League:
Played 17 games .. Scored 4 goals
Statistics for Gomez (with team)
World Cup:
Played 4 games .. Not recorded
Cup of Nations in Europe:
Played 4 games .. Not recorded
World Cup qualifiers:
Play 10 matches .. Not recorded
Nations qualifier in Europe:
Played 6 games .. And scored two goals
And a friendly match:
Played 14 games .. And scored 10 goals


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