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Chris Jericho

Country United States
Date of Birth November 9, 1970
Length of 6 feetAwards

World Championship Heavyweight, Championship WCW, Intercontinental Championship, European Championship, Hardcore Championship, World Championship teams, ECW TV Championship
Chris Jericho "Chris Jericho" is a short man in the months entered into the arena, was the first

Mark Henry

Country United States

Date of Birth June 12, 1971

Length 6.4 feet

     World Championship heavyweight champion ECW, champion of Europe

Was able to break the record, so do not wonder to call it "the most powerful man in the world", he began to enter "Henry" in the world of fame in 1992 at the Olympic Games in the "Barcelona"; where

Booker T

Country United States

Date of Birth March 1, 1965

Length 6.3 feet

     World Championship Heavyweight, WCW Championship for teams, World Cup, Championship Hard Core

Booker T "Booker T" with a history of brilliant in the Championship Wrestling "WWE"; is a world champion six times and won the "King of the Ring" in 2006, as well as many championships he won

Big Show

Country United States
Date of Birth February 8, 1972
Length 7 ftAwards

Championship ECW, starring WWE, World Championship teams, Hardcore Championship, the hero of the United States, the world championship heavyweight.
After more than a year away from the ring, he returned Big Show once again, after a long absence from the arena of "WWE" to appear again in 2008, after the last watch him starring in "ECW",

Ezekiel Jackson

Location France

Date of Birth April 22, 1978

Length 6.3 feet

     Championship ECW, Intercontinental Championship

Jackson was born in Guiana in South America, and moved to Harlem in New York; where the streets that have helped to raise him. And thanks to his physical strength was able to make his way in life


Jerry Lawler

Country United States

Date of Birth November 29, 1949

Length 6 ft

 Member Hall of Fame, the hero of the world's AWA, and the hero of WCCW, a bidder WWE RAW

Jerry O'Neil Lawler named artistic Jerry "The King" Lawler, a retired professional wrestler U.S. is currently pending in Alro.



Country United States

Date of Birth December 10, 1984

Length 6.2 feet

GT-AG "JTG" wrestler brave and strong from the streets of Brooklyn in New York, and was a member of the team Kraam Time "Cryme Tyme" which had a major role in the competition during the championship SmackDown, and made this team a boost to fame, having been able to win in the

Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger

Country United States

Date of Birth March 24, 1982

Length 6.5 ft

     World Championship Heavyweight, Championship ECW, champion of the United States, starring a bag of money

brouds clay

brouds clay

Country United States

Date of Birth February 21, 1980

Length 6.7 feet

brouds clay Young wrestler, but it is long and bulky, and in each of his meetings was Etemz length difference for opponents thanks to a length of 6.7 feet, which, along with the great weight (375 pounds).

evan bourne

evan Bourne
Country United States

Date of Birth March 19, 1983

Length 5.9 feet

     WWE Championship for teams

Evan Bourne is characterized by its ability to fly high and implementation of aircraft movements in the ring, glittering in the pace big play; what made him a force to be reckoned with in the Union "WWE".

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio
Mexico State

Date of Birth May 25, 1977 

Length 6.5 ft

  Royal Rumble 2011, starring a bag of money, WWE Champion

Alberto came to the WWE from Mexico. It is characterized by social status and cultural significance in his country. Linked with a strain of royal Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella.


Anderson Oliveira

Club: Manchester United - EnglandDate of Birth: April 13, 1988Age: 24Weight: 69 kgHeight: 176 cm

Alexander Marangao Doni

Name: Doniéber Alexander Marangon

Date of Birth: 22/10/1979

Age: 28 years

Place of birth: gondii, Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian - Italian

Length: 1.95 m

Antonio Cassano

Ksano Antonio - Antonio Cassano
Date of Birth: 12 / July 1982
Place of Birth: Bari (Italy)
Position: striker
Club: AC Milan

No coat: 99

Wayne Rooney

remier League and Champions League and FA Cup, and Rooney began his career with England in 2003, when participated in the European Cup 2004, has even a smaller number on the tournament's top scorer, and also participated in the 2006 World Cup.

Tom Cleverley

Born in the city of Kleverly Bhiseng for Stoke but fables Sraan turned to the city of Bradford to grow up there and in the beginning to the young men joined the same city and spent one yearThere to escape the attention of Manchester United to join Manchester United in a 15-year-old in July of 2005 to join a convoy to the Academy .. In the 2005 season-2006 Played 9 games with the team U-18 and after the piece has become a one-year fixture in the youth team is in the age of 17.

Theo Walcott

Walcott was born of the father of Jamaican nationality and mother English, and has appeared his family in the movie Harry Potter and the famous in 2007 "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and Walcott himself was supposed to appear as well, but because of his club Arsenal was forced to not to appear, Walcott and his father are among two two two fans of Liverpool Football Club, and Theo did not hide that fact at all, even when faced with red team with Chelsea, took advantage of that opportunity to meet with stars a question, and said Walcott: "I have been playing in a tournament in Swindon when they showed club

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard football player English, born in 1980, playing in the Premier League and specifically in the Liverpool Football Club "Throughout his career," and also played in England, and he plays center half-court and can play as well as in the right side of the median line, and can play a forward-Thani, Gerrard plays throughout his career at Anfield since 1998, and obtained a central position in the season 2000/2001, and in 2003 free

Michael Owen

Born Michael Owen at Chester on December 14, 1979 and his father Terry was a professional player in Everton Chester. Play Owen in the school of Walker in Liverpool and starred in the youth ranks in 1996, who beat Liverpool thanks to him, and the piece caused a direct plays Owen's first match with his team first and Ellumbdon year , 1997.

John Terry

The name: John George Terry
Date of Birth: December 7, 1980
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 90.34 kg
Position: Defender
When we talk about black battalion commander must remember that this battalion, is certainly George John Terry Chelsea captain,

Frank Lampard

From the capital of the fog .. The back of the ball in the sky satellite global spread of light within the green rectangle .. Frank Lampard Jr. .. , Was born to the town of Romford is a large town east of London, the son of Frank Lampard Sr. player England international and former winner twice by the FA Cup with West Ham, the family of Frankie Jr. relating to the family of other sports are Redknapps and here

Ashley Cole

Born Ashley Cole Stepana suburb, which is located in downtown London on the 20th of December in the year 1980 .. He started his career since adolescence within the walls of Club Arsenal .. And with the end of February of 2000 he began his professional club in

Alvaro Arbeloa

ID card

Date of Birth

Place of birth
Salamanca (Spain)


Left-back - right back

80 kg

184 cm


Andres Iniesta

Name: Andrés Iniesta Luján
Position: Midfielder
Place of birth: Fuentelbela (Albacete)
Date: 11/5/1984
Length: 1.70 cm
Weight: 65 kg

David De Gea

Name: David De Gea
Date of Birth: 7 / November / 1990
Place of Birth: Madrid / Spain
Length: 1.92
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Manchester United

Mario Gomez

Name: Mario Gomez Garcia
Date of Birth: 07/10/1985
Place of Birth: Reddlengen - Germany
Nationality: German / Spanish
Length: 189 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Position: Striker explicit
Official Website:

Sami Khedira

ID card

Date of Birth
4 - 4 - 1987

Place of birth

Stuttgart - West Germany

The center of defense

Real Madrid - Spain

1.89 m

Andreas Kopke

Andreas KöpkeKoepke was born 12.03.1962 in Kiel, the former Germany goalkeeper ... where presence in the national team in the tournament winner Alamlana

Shayne Ward

Name: Shayne Thomas Ward
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Date of Birth: 16 October 1984
Starsign: Libra
From: Clayton, Manchester
Brothers: Mark, Martin and Michael
Sisters: Lisa, Leona and twin Emma
Sports: Plays football
Interests: Playstation
Passions: Singing and dancing
Previous Job: Selling shoes in New Look
Trivia: Is a huge Manchester United fan


Biography for

Usher Raymond
ad feedback

Date of Birth
14 October 1978, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Usher Terry Raymond IV

Big Ush
Big Tyme
Mr. Entertainment

5' 7½" (1.71 m)


Tramar Dillard (born December 16, 1979) better known by his stage name Flo Rida (pronounced play /floʊ ˈraɪdə/), is an American rapper. He released his debut album, Mail on Sunday, in March 2008

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Ann Cole (née Tweedy; born June 30, 1983 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England) is an English singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. She is one of the five members of girl group Girls Aloud.


Sandra Bernhard

Love her or hate her, this comic diva is a one-of-a-kind, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners artiste. Racy, confrontational, offensive, cynical, off-putting and angst-ridden to a tee, this flinty standup from Flint, Michigan was born on June 6, 1955, the daughter of Jerome Bernhard, a proctologist, and his wife Jeanette ... See full bio »

Staci Keanan

Staci Keanan began her career at age four with fashion-show assignments and magazine work. At age eight she moved to New York with her mother and sister and balanced a modeling career with a budding theater career, in addition to keeping a high scholastic record. She won several prestigious scholastic awards ... See full bio »

Seth Meyers

Promoted to full cast member status of Saturday Night Live in August 2003 along with Jeff Richards and Will Forte. See more trivia »
Seth Adam Meyers
December 28, 1973 in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA