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Antonio Cassano

Ksano Antonio - Antonio Cassano
Date of Birth: 12 / July 1982
Place of Birth: Bari (Italy)
Position: striker
Club: AC Milan

No coat: 99

Born this player's feat in the day will not forget the Italians never later than 24 hours only the culmination of their team Azzurri's World Cup football in 1982 in Spain in the district is very poor in the city of Bari called Vichea and at birth, His father was deceased appeared to play in the neighborhood of Vxia and he saw some talent scouting Barry and the club already Bastahabh except for the club but they did not believe the day they gave to the club, Barry essentially priceless ....
1999 season
First season in which a small wonderful on the courts of Serie a the 1999 season specifically to club Lecce and after 7 days of the schedule with the first goal in Serie a and in front of in front of the Inter one of the biggest teams Serie A and attached Ksano on this game, saying I was waiting for the match to Lago M Ba replacement T-shirt after the match with Roberto Baggio but I fu come after the end of the game player Roberto Baggio make me asking me my shirt all became seen this player into surprising in the performance of the terrible and high that even the biggest clubs in Calcio they want to sign him, but the 2001 season was crucial for the player who agreed to join the Italian champions Club of Rome more than the amount of $ 29 million
Play because of the absence of Totti
Received little Ksano a place in the national team Azzurri in the Cup of Europe of the Nations, after the imposition of the European Union Football Association ban on the star of Italy's first Francesco Totti because of what he had done from the actions against the rule to meet Mnkhb Italy vs Denmark Cassano did not miss the opportunity and made the performance of beautiful in that Alambartin of play, scoring two goals in two games, but that did not help the team, which came out of the tournament ..
Real Madrid is lucky
Play for Real Madrid and was the first match in Cuba de Rey against Real Betis, and despite scoring against Atletico Madrid in the Derby
However, the coach dropped from the squad and this caused him many problems and an increase in weight and exclusion from the Italian team and then returned to Italy
By Sampdoria and then finally moved to Sampdoria.
To Italy again
Ksano already returned to Italy in a good deal for the club Sampdoria play their first game for the team and scored in front of Genoa or Sampdoria goal for goal in Atlanta
Foot level and a wonderful start to return gradually to the level of the real.
Return of the team
With the receipt of Donadoni to lead the team, but the annexation of Italy Cassano for the team participating in the European Championship qualifiers to play Soccer 2008 Ksano most prominent match for him in front of Atawanaa called up for the finals
I will tell you everything
The player writer walking his personal life, which he called I will tell you everything the basket of exotic and exciting things and statements which I found great resonance in the media and what touched him most in his memoirs
Facchetti is the coach who can not disagree with him because it was discovered

It were not for football to become a man of criminal mafia
A great player
Italian hopes of a dream of winning Belkm European Nations Championship and World Cup
Antonio Cassano has contributed in the manufacture and registration of many goals for the Italian national team and became the most important players Alatzroy.









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