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Ezekiel Jackson

Location France

Date of Birth April 22, 1978

Length 6.3 feet

     Championship ECW, Intercontinental Championship

Jackson was born in Guiana in South America, and moved to Harlem in New York; where the streets that have helped to raise him. And thanks to his physical strength was able to make his way in life

without remorse for his actions. His experiments and learn the hard way that the man pays sometimes to do what he has to do.

Entered the Jackson associate to the WWE as a bodyguard for "The captain Kendrick" in the presentation of "SmackDown" during July 2008, but he made ​​a leap strong in his life after he gave A characteristic three months after joining, having formed a team with Kendrick.

Jackson and himself fighting alone in 2009. In February 2010 Jackson was able to defeat wrestler Christian in Extreme Rules match, became another hero in the history of ECW.

After Jackson was in the presentation of "Rao", decided to move to "SmackDown." On January 21, 2011 that Aizaakal Jackson teamed up with Wade Barrett and Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, named it "The Core", and agreed to equal them and try to achieve the championships did not attain her title by


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