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Ashley Cole

Born Ashley Cole Stepana suburb, which is located in downtown London on the 20th of December in the year 1980 .. He started his career since adolescence within the walls of Club Arsenal .. And with the end of February of 2000 he began his professional club in
London .. First appearance for Arsenal with a Ashley achieved during the end of 1999, when
 engaged as a striker in front of Middlesbrough .. During the season 99/2000 seconded Ashley's team Crystal Palace where he participated in 14 league appearances and scored one goal .. And solutions with the fall of 2000 was Arsenal left-back Sylvinho Brazilian's injury, which prompted the return of Ashley for the team to be the best alternative to him .. And with that return axis Ashley began his brilliance with Alguenrz .. Ashley achieved with Arsenal English Premier League and FA Cup and showed a real contribution to the team and take it back the best English and one of the best Alozarh world! ..
During the season 2005/2006 Ashley missed the most during periods due to injury and with the end of the season, Cole moved to Chelsea, London neighbor after he had participated with 228 appearances for Arsenal, scoring 9 goals! .. Chelsea's Ashley transmission through the swap deal with Gallas and understanding between the Departments of Chelsea and Arsenal made him hated by the masses of Arsenal .. And have shown the opposite Stamford Bridge fans love Ashley's neighbor after leaving the arch! .. Bus matches his international career and was known as an important element of the list of England .. He is an international player since 2001 ..
Titles with clubs

- English Premier League with Arsenal (2002.2004)
- FA Cup with Arsenal (2002, 2003, 2005)
- FA Cup with Chelsea (2007)
- League Cup with Chelsea Cap (2007)


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