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Michael Owen

Born Michael Owen at Chester on December 14, 1979 and his father Terry was a professional player in Everton Chester. Play Owen in the school of Walker in Liverpool and starred in the youth ranks in 1996, who beat Liverpool thanks to him, and the piece caused a direct plays Owen's first match with his team first and Ellumbdon year , 1997.

Michael Owen scored in the first seasons with the Reds and scored 21 goals in his second season 23 goals, making him the best player in England, rising in February 1998, he joined the England World Cup squad 1998.
With his national team at the World Cup _ has become a global reputation and not on the local level, the spectrum after scoring a goal in Argentina (the rival worms for England)
In a game the two teams in the round of 16 World Cup, and was selected this goal in the top ten goals in World Cup history and among the top one hundred goals in football history, here, turned Michael Owen to a national hero for his people, and Achtara Owen the best sports figure in Astvina the BBC for the same year
In late 1998/1999 was Michael Owen a serious injury in a match against Liverpool, Leeds United, but came back to his best form quickly.
Participated Owen for England in Euro 2000, scoring a goal against Romania, but went out of England in the first round of the championship, scoring two goals against Roma in the UEFA Cup, and starred in the final FA Cup too, as scored in the final of the European Super against Bayern Munich, to prove that he is worthy of choice by the European Union as the best player in Europe for 2001.
Did not stand the achievements of Michael Owen, despite his young age Vahrz three goals in the range of Germany in the match which ended 5-1, becoming the first player in England, recorded in Mmermmy Germany hat-trick after Sir Geoff Hurst in 1966. Won the Michael Owen until now 111 goal for Liverpool in 204 games , has scored cent target in the range of West Ham December 29, 2001. And scored two goals for England in the last World Cup either Denmark and Brazil, thus making it impossible to become a true legend of football in the second and twenty years old "


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