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Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard football player English, born in 1980, playing in the Premier League and specifically in the Liverpool Football Club "Throughout his career," and also played in England, and he plays center half-court and can play as well as in the right side of the median line, and can play a forward-Thani, Gerrard plays throughout his career at Anfield since 1998, and obtained a central position in the season 2000/2001, and in 2003 free
signal the leader of the team after Sami Hyypia, and of the most prominent titles achieved by the FA Cup and English Premier League and FA Cup and the Champions League, and he plays with England since 2000, and has participated in the European Cup in 2000 and 2004, it also participated in the 2006 World Cup.
| - Gerard start before the truth and professionalism - |

Born Gerard in the city of Weston Mircesid and began playing football team his hometown club, "and Weston Cub" before their choice scouts club Liverpool, and subsequently joined the Academy, Liverpool Football Club and is Baltasah of age, and the player is wanted by many clubs, which most notably from Manchester United when he was fourteen years old, and this was confirmed by Gerard himself, and has signed a deal professionally with Liverpool on 5 November 1997.
| - Beginning at Anfield - |
Gerrard's first formal meeting with the team Liverpool primary on 29 November 1998 in front of Blackburn after he entered as a substitute in the final minute of the game instead of Vaegard Hiqim, and has participated the first season has thirteen meeting in the center of midfield after injury Liverpool captain This time Jamie Redknapp, and has also played center right winger, but he did not provide the levels characteristic of this center, and may Gerrard said in an interview, "In my beginnings I did not have center specific," but after that the development level of the status of the center and we may see himself as a good in terms of defense by that time.
| - His second season and win the central position - |
In his second season in 1999/2000 was Gerrard is a binary in the midfield with Redknapp, and at the first meeting of the Panel Baldirbe against Everton was a substitute, and entered in the second half instead of Robbie Fowler, but then got the card red the first of his career after the intervention on the player Everton this time Kevin Campbell, and during that season record Gerard first goal of his career professional with Liverpool in front of Sheffield, but then suffered Gerard of some injuries in his back which he suffered in the past the days of adolescence, and did not score any goal During that last season.
| - Gerrard continues to shine and development in the three other seasons - |
Continued to Gerrard in the third seasons shine and development, where he attended Gerard Boukmson meeting in all competitions in season 2000/2001, and made a season remarkable for him, where he scored ten goals in all competitions, seven of them were in the league, and won the Cup League and FA Cup and UEFA Cup this season, and in the season to the next part of 45 meeting in all competitions in which they participated and 28 of those tournaments were the league and scored during that season 4 goals, three of those goals were the Premier League, and in the 2002-2003 season Gerrard with 54 meeting in all competitions in which they participated with Liverpool, and is the largest number participations him with Liverpool so far, and has recorded a season seven goals and five of those goals were in the Premier League, and in October 2003 Download Gerard basic reference for the team leader after the departure of Hyypia and the decision of coach Gerard Houllier so timer, and the end of the season, also renewed his contract with Steven Liverpool to provide him with four more years with the Red Team.
| - A good season and despite the lack of simple happiness! - |

Before the start of season 2003/2004 associated with the English Stephen Moving in and out of Liverpool and move to Chelsea, who tried his presentation estimated 20 million after showing Gerard not to happy with the team, but then decided to stay and sit with the team and that also with the advent of a new coach in the team and who was Rafael Benitez, and has participated in 34 to meet with the Premier League record through them 4 goals, while scoring twice in tournaments other, and participated in 13 another meeting in the other tournaments.
| - Realize the dream of Istanbul - |
Gerrard with Liverpool to season 2004/2005, which is the best season almost has, despite their poor start to "personal", where he was Gerard in the month of September and at the beginning of league hitting his foot being in a meeting the team against Manchester United, until he returned from that injury at the end of the month of November, and after the return Gerrard to meet with the team in front of Olympiacos Champions League and scored an important goal by the end of the game with five minutes to bring the team to win even qualify the team for the role of the other, and said Gerrard after the meeting that this meeting is to meet the most important game so far, and in the same season and the FA Cup final goal Gerrard scored his team against Chelsea Bmmermy even lose his team so the meeting with three goals to two in a meeting held with 27 of February of 2005.
After these beginnings this season and that was the Liverpool bad locally, the team was a strong Europe and in the Champions League in particular, and may qualify for Liverpool to the Champions League final that season, which was held in Istanbul, where he faced the English team AC Milan , and in the first half of the game made the Italian team with three straight goals to Liverpool than all expectations after the first half for Milan, but in the second half, Liverpool Edit the result and achieved a draw scoring three goals in the second half, and it was those goals Gerrard goal, In the end, Liverpool won the championship by penalty kicks, and after the game, Gerrard won the award for Best Player of the match, as he then achieved a prize for the best tournament player or "Europe."
And before that was the final Gerrard is also linked to leave and move to Chelsea, who was always trying to sign him and tempting offers, but Gerrard rejected a contract estimated at 100,000 pounds per season from Chelsea, where Gerrard was close to the exit before the final, and had said Chairman of the Liverpool this time, Rick Barry, "We must complete our way, we have our work all we can, but he wants to get out, and will be a final beautiful to him," and after the negotiations began between the management team on 5 July of that year, but after the final administration Liverpool halted the negotiations, and Gerrard said about the possibility of leaving the Reds after the match, "How can I get out of the team after a night like this?", and after one day of the final contract with the new Gerrard of Liverpool for four years.
| - New innovations and achieve Special numbers - |
After achieving the Champions League final and his in that tournament, she returned the spirit of Gerrard again, but increased the power and the will of the masses and also, where in season 2005/2006 has a lot of numbers, Gerard, and has recorded the largest number of goals in his career, where he scored 23 goals in all competitions in which they participated in 53 meeting, and in April of that year he became the first player in Liverpool after John Barnes "in 1988," nominated for best player the Premier League, and had scored two goals against West Ham in the FA Cup final having achieved a tie game and the team won on penalties, and after scoring in the final, became the first player is Gerrard, who scored in the final of the FA Cup and League Cup and UEFA Champions League, Gerrard also made special performance against Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final Europe and scored through a penalty to qualify the team to the Champions League final to face AC Milan, who was defeated in the last match, but lost to Liverpool's meeting with two goals against the goal and came two goals by striker Milan Italian Filippo Inzaghi, and the goal for Liverpool came through Kuyt .
| - Seasons of great achievement and individual numbers of new ones - |
In the first match Gerrard in the 2007 season he injured in a meeting the team in front of Toulouse in the Champions League in a meeting held in August of that year, and then returned to meet with the team in front of Chelsea's league and ended with a draw positive, and then took part in front of Arsenal league in October 28 the same year and was his 400th with his Liverpool and scored its goal, and has scored in all competitions by the Liverpool European this season during the month of November, and then scored a goal against Marseille in the Champions League, to be the first player After John Oldiridq "1989" which was recorded in all competitions with the club, and on 13 April 2008, attended his meeting No. 300 Premier League against Blackburn and scored Ballqa goal as well, and finished the season recording 22 goals and was chosen later in the composition of the season for the Premier League next to Fernando Torres, team player, and at the beginning of the season took Gerard to do surgery for his injury, but they were not serious and he returned quickly to the training and participation, and scored his goal of 100 with Liverpool to meet with the team against Stoke City, but the goal does not count, and by infiltration Dirk Kuyt on the player and the team canceled the goal, but he achieved his goal cent thereafter Oandhun before the club in the Champions League.
| - Gerrard with England - |

Gerrard meet him first with England on 31 May 2000 to elect Ukrainian, and during that summer has been summoned to the European Cup 2000, and has been involved only to meet with one income it as an alternative to Germany before they get out of England from the tournament, scoring Gerrard's first international goal him to Germany, too, in a meeting won by England 5-1 in World Cup 2002, held that the game in the September 21, 2001, and during the playoffs was Gerrard's injury where he could not participate because of it, and in the European Championship 2004 was a key player in the squad for England and scored one goal in that tournament against Switzerland, before they get out of England from the tournament after the loss of Portugal in the quarter-finals of the tournament, and in the 2006 World Cup was attended by Gerrard for the first time and scored two goals during the group stage, and was the first goal against Trinidad Tobago and the other in front of Sweden, and went out England from the tournament of the Portuguese national team again in the quarter-finals of the tournament by penalty kicks, and recalls that Gerrard was second in command in the composition of the coach McClaren when he was John Terry, the first commander of the team , but then it became second in command is Ferdinand after qualifying European Cup final, but then had a new coach for the team and is Fabio Capello, gave Fabio the chance for Gerrard to be the leader with some of the player the others, but in the end chose Terry to be the first commander of the team.
| - Personal life Gerrard - |

Married Gerard fashion model Alex Curran in Klaviden Mansion in the city of Buquenqamchir on 16 June 2007, and was the same day he married his two friends Alangelesian Michael Carrick and Gary Neville players Manchester United, and has a brother than him and his name Paul for information only and is not the keeper Everton Paul Gerrard] and his cousin Anthony play in the Club Walsall England, and in September of 2006, issued Gerrard book about his personal life, entitled [Gerard: my personal life, and won the book the best book athlete in honor awards books British, and on 1 October 2007 was Gerard a minor accident, which shocked his bicycle child at the age of 10 years in Southport, and then visited the child in the hospital and apologize to him and gave him some of the shoes for the player favorite, Wayne Rooney and visited the rest of the children at the time the hospital and signed them, and may voice of the members of the Council Nosla to be Gerrard free man in the Borough on 13 December 2007, and two weeks later honored the Order of the British Queen, and has received the Honorary Award from John Moores University in Liverpool on 26 July 2008 and has expressed his delight that, and In and on 29 December 2008, Gerrard was arrested after the clash and succeeds with some people in a bar.
| - Achievements Gerrard - |
With Liverpool [collective]:
- FA Cup: 2000/2001 - 2005/2006- League Cup: 2000/2001 - 2002/2003- English Football Association Shield: 2004/2005- UEFA Champions League: 2004/2005- FA Cup: 2000/2001- European Super Cup: 2001/2002 - 2005/2006
On a personal level:
- The best young player the Premier League: 2000/2001- The best player in the Champions League: 2004/2005- The best player in the final of the Champions League: 2004/2005- Silver Ball Championship for Club World Cup: 2005- The best player the Premier League: 2005/2006- The best player the Premier League in the months: March 2001 - March 2003 - December 2004 - April 2006- Composition of the ideal and the annual Fifapro: 2006/2007 - 2007/2008- Composition of the Champions League idealism: 2004/2005 - 2005/2006 - 2006/2007- The ideal composition of the Premier League: 2000/2001 - 2003-2004 - 2004/2005 - 2005-2006 - 2006/2007 - 2007/2008


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