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Anderson Oliveira

Club: Manchester United - EnglandDate of Birth: April 13, 1988Age: 24Weight: 69 kgHeight: 176 cm

Joined Anderson in its infancy to the club Gremio Brazil in 2005 as a young man in the youth team even went to the core team then, and participated in five meetings with the team in the second division of the Brazilian league, in addition to his participation in the Cup, the mandate of the Gaucho, and had scored one goal with the team and was on target against Nautico and this goal his team managed to win the game, up until the end of the season his team Gremio to the first class of the Brazilian league, Anderson, where he spent just one season there and that was his first.
- Professionalism in Europe and to Porto] -
He then moved to FC Porto in December of 2005 after the beginning of a simple in Brazil, and attended the first meeting for him on 5 March 2006, and has helped his team win the Portuguese league this season, and has participated then to his first meeting in the Champions League against CSKA Moscow, and then Anderson missed for five months in the season 2006/2007 because of exposure to infection and a broken leg, and has participated in 18 to meet during two seasons with Porto, where in the first season took part in three meetings only, while in the last season, participated with 15 for the meeting before it becomes, and scored the two goals during that period, but gave a good performance and had the title of the new Ronaldinho is likened to a hand, his hair and offensive skills as well as where he was involved as a midfielder with advanced Porto.
- Anderson to the world of fame .. And to Manchester United's fun] - $ plit/C_71_article_1042460_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg
Reached Management Club Mansstr United with the Department of Porto Portuguese on transfer of Brazilian star Anderson on 30 May 2007 a deal estimated at 18 million, and had moved then formally in June 29, 2007, and has signed a contract with the Department of Germans that extends to five years, and known as Anderson initially on both Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani at first because the three were utter and speak in Portuguese, and won onset on No. 8, which was No. Wayne Rooney after he left and got the number 10, and has participated the first to meet him Manchester United on 3 August 2007 in a friendly against Dunsastr Raufers for one round only, and has managed to Germans to win the match with two goals to none, and has played his first formal meeting with him in front of Sunderland on 1 September 2007, before that replaces the Louis Saha player Germans by that time, and has participated meet him first in the Champions League with the Germans in front of club Sporting in the September 19, 2007 after he entered a substitute for Ryan Giggs in a minute of 73 of the game, and has participated after meeting a full FA Cup against Coventry City on 26 September 2007, in addition to taking part in front of Chelsea in the Champions League final, which was one of the most prominent games, where he entered an alternative to Brown in the final minute of time from the original game, and continued the game in the two halves of additional, and has been recorded goals in the penalty which was held by the Germans to win the tournament, and has participated so far thirty-four meeting and did not score any goal, and is more club game in his career, which began in earnest in 2005.
- [Anderson with the magic of samba] -
Participated Anderson in its infancy with the Brazilian national team under 17 years in the Cup, South America, which was held in April 2005, and in October the same year won the "Golden Ball Aladidas" in the World Cup under 17 years old, and has participated Anderson in his meeting first with the Brazilian team the first on 27 June 2007, when he lost the Brazilian national team with two goals of the Mexican national team in the championship, "Cuban American" and that after he entered as an alternative, and has participated the first meeting with the Brazilian national team as a key player on 1 July 2007, when won the Brazilian national team with three goals on the Chilean national team, and in July of 2008, summoned by coach Carlos Dunga to participate in the Beijing Olympics, and has scored his first goal for Brazil in front of Zealand in a meeting held on 22 August 2008, and won the bronze medal with the Brazilian team in the tournament after winning the Brazilian team with three goals to none at the Bulgarian national team.
- Titles and championships achieved by Anderson] -
With the clubs /
- Brazilian championship for the second degree: 2005
- Portugal Cup: 2005/2006 - 2006/2007- The Portuguese Super Cup: 2005/2006- Dhaka Portuguese Cup: 2005/2006
Manchester United:
- English Premier League: 2007/2008- UEFA Champions League: 2007/2008- Summer and the European Super Cup: 2008- Club World Cup: 2008
With the Brazilian national team:
- Cuba American: 2007- Cup South America under the 17 Year: 2005- Beijing Olympics: 2008 - Medal Albrooznah
At the level of Profile:
- Player of the World Cup under 17 years: 2005- The best young player in the world: 2008


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