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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio
Mexico State

Date of Birth May 25, 1977 

Length 6.5 ft

  Royal Rumble 2011, starring a bag of money, WWE Champion

Alberto came to the WWE from Mexico. It is characterized by social status and cultural significance in his country. Linked with a strain of royal Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella.

And the beginning of his studies and his sense of the Middle and distinctive appearance in the ring made ​​him a star already famous in every sense of the word.

With his arrogance aristocracy chose Del Rio View "SmackDown" to move to in the summer of 2010 by Ray Masterio insult.

Del Rio and was able to impress the world and the wrestling audience after playing a strong game at the World Championships in his first match in the Federation of WWE; what made him proud of himself for excellence, is fixed it is only a matter of time up to the title of the Federation of WWE.


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