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Jerry Lawler

Country United States

Date of Birth November 29, 1949

Length 6 ft

 Member Hall of Fame, the hero of the world's AWA, and the hero of WCCW, a bidder WWE RAW

Jerry O'Neil Lawler named artistic Jerry "The King" Lawler, a retired professional wrestler U.S. is currently pending in Alro.

Zain same dress royal blue, gold and accompanied by its famous crown, he was "Jerry Lawler" one of the most commentators ingenuity and a most brilliant star wrestlers in history.

   In 2007, he joined the "Jerry" Hall of Fame as a member of an expression of love for his fan, and an encouragement to his long history; where he was involved in the commentary with "Jim Ross" and then in 2008 with commentator Michael Cole.

   Become "Jerry" famous in the world largely made ​​him issue a book entitled "It's Good to be the King", which was launched at the end of 2002 and was a bestseller.


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